Introduction to Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki may be the second largest city of Greece with a population of around 800.000, but it is first in its own ways. It was built on the corner of Thermaikos gulf, a vast aquatic horizon closed by the mass of sacred Mount Olympus and the Delta of Axios river, a water artery of the Balcans.Named after Great Alexander's half sister, since its establishment it has evolved through Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman ages in a commercial and administrative center. A multicultural collage of Byzantine, Oriental and European influences, it combines the liveliness of a metropolitan area with the relaxing atmosphere of a seaside promenade. Take a stroll back in time between ancient ruins, Orthodox churches and modern squares, shop or grab a bite in the food capital of Greece, have a drink in a fashionable bar or a cup of coffee in a cosy cafe. Whatever you enjoy, with the White Tower landmark and the seaside walkway on the one side and the medieval old city Castle on the other, Thessaloniki is a city to fall in love in and with.