Divine Chalkidiki

Perhaps the most beautiful part of our country, with its turquoise waters, its lacy coastline, its majestic beaches, it impresses, calms and relaxes visitors. Dense forests and rich waters excite and refresh nature lovers.

Halkidiki Resembling Poseidon´s Trident, the peninsula of Halkidiki is situated in central Macedonia, just south of Thessaloniki. The variety of imagery catching a visitors eye is practically impossible to describe. A mountain terrain ornamented by ancient pine forests descends into a lace of a coastline of many kilometers. Traditional villages made of stone combine with seaside resorts; sandy beaches on one side give way to hidden rocky bays. And all this under the shades of Mountain Athos and Holomonta mountain. Its three fingers, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, share cosmopolitan resorts, golden beaches, hospitable villages and magnificent woods, all in a touristically organized whole. Hundreds of thousands of Greek and foreign visitors chose each year Halkidiki for all year around holidays. Either for secluded calm, natural environmental explorations or for beach partying and luxurious meals in traditional seaside taverns, Nothern Greece's holiday Paradise has a gem for any taste.