We are unable to book accommodation on behalf of our customers, but we are able to refer you to various places in our area. There are many options for accommodation in Ierissos, Nea Roda, Ouranoupoli, and on Ammouliani Island, for a wide range of budgets.


Please check below some of our suggestion.

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Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa

Eagles Palace Hotel



Akrathos Hotel Ouranoupoli

Akrathos Hotel  


Akti Ouranoupolis Hotel

Akti ouranoupolis Hotel    


 Alexandros Palace Hotel & Suites                                                                                    

 Alexandros-Palace Hotel & Suites


Pyrgos Hotel Ouranoupoli

 Pyrgos Hotel 


Skites Hotel - Bungalows

 Skites Hotel                        


Pension Antonakis                                                    

Pension Antonakis  


Lenas Apartments

 Lena Apartments                


Camping Comitsa                                                      

Camping Comitsa    


Camping Ouranoupoli

Camping Ouranoupoli