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Did you know that the male cardinal fish, King of mullets , protects his eggs via carrying them in his mouth until they are hatched and release in the water..? It is not an easy job..Like the octopus mother that period he is vulnerable and unable to feed, because his mouth is a safe shelter for 20,000 eggs. What an indearing father!


cardinal fish

One fine day at the reef lady C was courting using all her charm possible and the male cardinal fish fell for it. She releases the eggs and he takes all of them to the last into the safety of his mouth.For about 20 days he will seclude himself to safer areas ,forgo eating ,and breath around a mouth full of living marbles. But he will never give up his babies ,oh no. When the eggs will hatch he will let them shelter in his mouth for an additional 6-10 days ,until they are ready to stand for their survival.