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Just found..An unexplored deep blue diamond! A new dive site in Halkidiki!    

Saint George Dive Site

For all levels of divers

Being always there ,just a blink of an eye away So lucky after thousands of bars,we finally discover this underwater paradise. Having in mind our dear friends.. Our divers, hoping to find a new destination , we are sharing with you our excitement, for our just found dive site!!!!!!

Saint George Dive Site


 Starts from the very shallows, ideal for snorkeling, first level to 12m continue descending to 20m, ..30m.. 40meters.. It Drops down to 65meters, maybe more very easily. As we cross magnificent rocks and shallow canals, the view of the descending seabed can be stunning. Watching colorful rocks full of flower corals, tube, branching and massive sponges, sea slugs, mediterranean fish passing in front of our eyes.. Jacks,  sea breams, sea basses, wrasses, reef fish, scorpions e.t.c all live or pass on their way hunting!! Snake like bodies, mediterranean morays, european congers relax in the day time in their houses, watch us passing by, and let us admire of their natural beauty!!!