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Haminoea cyanomagrinata

Haminoea cyanomagrinata

Searching for new dive sites in the end of the season we were lucky to find a beautiful reef between 20 and 30meters full of Haminoea cyanomarginata. They were many of them in couples all over the rock Probably lessepsia migrated and entered to Mediterranean from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. First time seen after many years diving in Ammouliani Island.Short Description: Bubble-shaped shell,fragile, translucent,smooth, with no traces of ornamentation.More at Mediterranean Science Commision

Flabbelina rubrolielata

Flabbelina rubrolielata from the Mediterranean

We have noticed for first time Flabbellina rubrolielata  in 2012 at Ammouliani Island between (2)two  and (10) meters.A species of aloid nudibranch, a small mollusk reaching 40 mm length of pinkish purple colour variety, feeding at various depths on reefs and walls. Initially believed to live only in tropical waters of Indian and Pacific Ocean, probably migrated via Suez channel to the Mediterranean

Pleurobranchus Testudinarius

Pleurobranchus Testudinarius

A rather large sea slug, 20cm average, carnivorous mollusk almost always found around between 8 to 12 meters deep.We have been seeing pleurobranchus Testudinarius from 2011 from middle of June till the end of July. Named for its shield-like polygonal formations on its back, like the Roman legions' battle formations covered with shields) it has beautiful colour variations (yellow, red, brown) and characteristic tubercles.

Caloria Elegans

Nudibranch Caloria Elegans

Animal translucent clear with a white median line on the posterior foot and white pigmentation on the upper two-thirds of the tapering oral tenatcles and rhinophores. More at: Sea Slug Forum