How we manage the situation

Due to the current situation regarding COVID 19 pandemic certain measures are applying to our dive center.

1.  Sanitising

1a. We have always sanitized our scuba equipment after each use according to the current recommendations by the  World Health Organisation, PADI and Divers Alert Network (DAN). Since the outbreak we take additional precautions, such as using a higher concentration of specific disinfectant for COVID 19 in different dilution at different tanks. ( Method and % can be provided upon request).

1b. Daily general disinfection of the premises with several applications in areas of common use.

1c. Before you enter the base you are advised to use sanitizer on the entrance. During preparation you will find  hand sanitisers at your personal area.

2. Social Distancing

2a. Our facilities are located outdoors, practically 10steps from the sea. We have renovated our diving center so as to provide each diver with additional space to prepare for the dive.

2b. We operate with small groups of divers only, max 4 divers per session, ( in case of a family or group of friends, special arrangements may be considered).

2c. PADI e-learning programs are available to keep you out of class. You can follow the link and start your PADI COURSE from the comfort of your house.

2d. Private services upon request are available.

2e. Minimum of one day pre-booking is required to facilitate minimum presence of customers.

2f. For the well-being of all of you and those around you ONLY one person should approach the information desk.

Our diving center operates since 2004 in full accordance with international safety regulations. We are very familiar with protocols and checklists and with your cooperation we shall keep SAFE SCUBA DIVING FOR ALL.

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